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Every athlete, every performer, every inventor, every entrepreneur, every great leader, everyone who ever did anything great (or small for that matter) started with a vision. A future state that they could clearly see and believe they could attain. 



Value is what you bring to the world based on all of your talents and experiences and knowledge and the fact that you’re an amazing creature who can do some things very, very well. Far better, in fact, than almost anyone else in the world.  



Vitality is energy. It’s the state of being strong and active. In the context of vision and value, it’s the state of being strong and active in that vision and in your value. When you believe you deserve the best things, and you have a vision for what those things are, the vitality or energy naturally follow. 

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Manager as Coach Series

Join Ryan every second Thursday at noon eastern time for a FREE interactive live session. We'll cover concepts to help you be a coach, not just a manager. 

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Ryan Houmand helps teams and individuals with employee experience.

70% of people HATE Monday. The good news is that means 30% of people LOVE Monday, so it's possible, even probable for YOU.  If you're a manager in the Salt Lake City area struggling with productivity, profit, quality, absenteeism, high turn over, safety, or just about any other team issue, it's time to fix it once and for all. 

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The 4 Mistakes that Make People Hate Monday

This engaging session will highlight the mistakes you might be making that are giving you the Sunday Scaries. This is a great session for teams and organizations. This can be delivered via webinar or live and in person. 

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Here you'll find online courses with video instruction and exercises to help you or your team LOVE Monday just like Friday.

It's time to love what you do. It's time to help your team get past the Monday scaries and move them to a whole other level of productivity, engagement, and even enchantment with what they every day.

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A Passion for Monday

Why do people get the Sunday Scaries? Why do they dread Monday so much. It ain't right. Here's the book that started the movement. Read about the 4 Mistakes that Make People Hate Monday and how you can avoid them. 

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